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I wanted to chat a bit about nutrition today,

Or more precisely, the LACK of nutrition

In our daily eating habits.

I am on the same emotional roller coaster you are.

We all have our good days, and our more challenging days.

Sure, it is easy to eat healthy on days we feel great,

But what about the moments when we are confronted by stress?

How do you handle your eating skills then?

In the past, I would have either binged on some chocolaty snacks,

Or I would have refused to eat all together.

It occurred to me last week, on one of my more challenging days,

That I still feel the impulse, albeit ever so slightly,

To return to my destructive habits of eating.

After years of being aware and working on healthy eating patterns,

I was amazed I still felt the urge to binge and purge.

So why didn’t I?

Because I developed a much stronger Mantra.

That Mantra is: I deserve to eat healthy foods that nourish my body.

I never told myself I should, because there is an opposite: shouldn’t.

What I have been telling myself is that I DESERVE to eat.

For a long time I didn’t believe I deserved anything positive in my life,

And it showed on a daily basis in my actions and how I treated myself.

So, the next time you feel compelled to binge or starve

Ask yourself a question:

Why do I want to do that?

You can discover your own Mantra in your answer,

And find that you are stronger than you ever knew.

Let me know what your Mantras are, I would love to hear them.

As always, have a healthy day!


I know this is out of character for me,

But I am pissed,

So today will not be a day of encouraging,

But rather a day to rant so you may be more aware of safety issues in gyms.

We as personal trainers and fitness professionals have an obligation to our clients:

That obligation is to ensure the health and safety of clients and fitness participants.

Now, we could limit that obligation ONLY to people we train, but I personally believe

We have an obligation to help anyone we are physically able to.

I do not work for any gyms currently, but I have 10+ years of experience working in gyms as an employee.

I also have 4 years of experience working in a health care facility as a Recreational Therapist, so I may be aware of the rules of safety in many places.

But what happens when it is me who gets hurt in a gym?

When a piece of their equipment is defective and I take a BAD fall as a result?

I report the piece of equipment and ensure it is immediately removed from use,

Because that is what you do when you are protecting the safety of others,

Even though there was nothing financial to be gained on my part,


So imagine my surprise when I walk back in the gym today and the SAME piece

Of equipment is on the floor.

Not only that, but there are two defective pieces of equipment.

I tell one of the trainers, who then begins to tell me, a Master Trainer, that there is nothing wrong with the piece of equipment, it was my workout!

Not only that, but he proceeded to run a list of reasons why the equipment was not the problem……

I will stop boring you with details here because that is not my point.

My point is this:

We as consumers (myself included here because I don’t work for this facility)

Have the right to workout in a safe environment, with knowledgeable trainers, who do not exhibit gross neglect of equipment.

We also have the right to work with staff who have ACTUALLY BEEN TRAINED ON THE EQUIPMENT WE ARE USING!

If you are ever injured in a gym and the staff begins to blame you, immediately document the issue including names and phone numbers of witnesses, and get a good attorney.

This large gym used intimidation tactics against me to make me feel responsible, when in fact due to gross negligence, they could get sued in a heart beat.

I am not going there, it is not worth my time, but I may report them to the Better Business Bureau or the local news.

Please use caution in the gym and report any unsafe conditions.

If the issue is not resolved, take it to a higher level of management, or as I did, STOP being a member of that facility.

Yours in Health.

This weekend I was meeting with a friend of mine to discuss

My boot camps.

He trains kick boxers, specifically Muay Thai Fighters,

And asked if I could hold sessions for his team,

He wants his students to develop: Power, speed, endurance, and Strength,

And he finished by saying something about working them so hard they throw up…


Was my first thought,

My second thought was that I understood what he was saying….

Take them to their limits.

But I quickly reminded him that making a group of guys work so hard they vomit,

Well, that’s easy.

Making them work hard WITH a specific purpose in mind that supersedes the work load,

That is responsible training.

See, some trainers will work you hard just to prove a point: That they can.

But often it is to the detriment of the client or student.

I’ll put it another way: I can make you run and squat and do push ups until you puke,

But if those exercises are not designed to help you attain your goal,

You are more likely to get an injury before you get a result.

Why am I mentioning all of this to you?

Because there are some trainers who will design the MOST difficult workouts

Just to prove something,

I want you to feel free to ask questions about the overall program design.

If you are not happy with the results you are getting, please know that you can ask

Or comment about how your body looks and feels.

Your trainer should be able to support the workout structure,

And modify it accordingly, especially if you feel any pain.

The myth about “no pain, no gain” went out the window with the type writter,

It is archaic and old school.

Yes, exercise IS uncomfortable, but there is a vast difference between true pain and general workout discomfort.

As for the kick boxers, they may actually throw up, but these guys are getting in the ring

With other guys who are punching and kicking them because THEY WANT THEM TO!

They will get pushed beyond their current fitness and endurance limits

So they survive in the ring.

They are elite athletes,

You do not need to work THAT hard, or be incapacitated the next day due to your workouts.

Stay in communication with your trainer,

And if they are not helping you, find another trainer who will.

Be safe and sweaty.

Have a healthy day!

I am taking the rest of the day off!!!!

I am not training any more clients,

I am not working out,

And I am lying flat on my back…all day.

Why? Because I have to listen to my body,

And today it hurts.

I am in a bit of pain….

So it is important that we all take the right steps

Even when it means doing what we loathe…

and for myself, I would rather be out there running,

But I am taking it easy because that is how I will heal.

Make sure you are honest with yourself

And listen to the cues your body is sending you,

not only about pain,

But about rest and nutrition as well.

So here’s to a day off.

Have a healthy day!


Well, the weekend and my sister’s surprise wedding shower

Were a complete success.

Now I have recovered from sleeping on her couch and am “back” in business.

I want to take this opportunity to share with you

What I will be working on next.

I have been in fitness and recreation for the past 16 years….

I know, I can’t believe it either,

But it is true.

And from all of my years of experience, there are a few things I know,

About fitness and training that is…..

First, you have to WANT to workout….

So find your desire…what will motivate you to get it done.

Second, you have to not HATE what you are doing,

And even if you do hate it, something in that workout has to drive you to

The finish line, or you may never start.

So combine your workout with something you enjoy.

If you like the water then go for a swim,

Or walk/run next to a water way.

If you like Music, download your favorites to your iPod

And listen while you work.

If you like to read, you can do the same with books on tape.

One of the biggest things I have found to help people when they don’t

Like to workout is to add a social element to it.

Go to the gym or for a walk with a friend,

Join a class and get to know the members or

Pick a fitness club with people who may share common interests.

So, where is all of this leading me?

I am glad you asked!!!

I am beginning small group Bootcamps

In the Northern Liberties area of the city.

The price will be affordable, there will be lots of support and

Social interaction,

The workouts will change frequently to challenge your mind

As well as your body,

And BEST of all….


The structure of the workouts will ensure that!

Send me an email if you are interested, and I will let you know the info for the launch.

It is going to begin after Labor day, but with a few trial sessions first.

If you are not in my area, keep looking out for interesting opportunities

To workout in your own area….

Believe me, there are a hundred ways to workout,

You can find what suits you best.

Have a fit day!