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As you may already know, I often train my clients at local parks and waterfronts. Being outside allows my clients to have a greater variety of choices in their workouts, while adding a social component to our training routines which would otherwise occur in private homes and gyms.

It also affords us another opportunity: people watching.

During one of the workouts this morning I saw something so ironic it made me laugh. The area in which I live has a relatively large Chinese population, and for months my clients and I have been greeted with warm smiles and waves from our Chinese counterparts. Consistently, we are sharing the park with about 12-15 people working out in various forms: walking, running, callistentics, stretching, Tai Chi, and even pull ups on the local trees. But there is something striking about these fitness enthusiasts: their ages probably go from 70-90+ years old. No Kidding. What is even more facinating is their ease of mobility. These ladies and gentlemen walk at a brisk pace, swing their arms, stretch and rotate freely! They don’t limp or shuffle. Their posture is relatively good, and their joints appear to function normally…and I will reiterate…they are no younger than 70!

So what made me laugh? One of the women carries a cane, though her gait (walking pattern) appears to be strong and balanced. I would have to guess she is in her mid 80s, she is one of the regular walkers and Tai Chi participants. Today she was completing her normal morning laps, and she passed someone, not quickly, but she passed him and lapped him around the park. No big deal, except he was 6 feet tall, about 250 lbs and only around 30 years old! She is 80, 4’8″ (on a good day) and carrying a cane!!!!

Now, I can guess with some certainty these people are immigrants, as none of them speak English but often attempt pleasant comment on our workouts. As Americans, we are from one of the richest countries in the world, yet our citizens do not place so much emphasis on their own physical well being. My observation of the Chinese athletes (I am calling them athletes) is they see the importance of moving every muscle, every day, and it has increased their longevity and vibrancy in life. They walk through the park swinging their arms in all different directions. They do jumping jacks, clap their hands, twist and turn…..could this be the fountain of youth?

What a concept…just move! No equipment necessary. Just move, and walk and talk with friends at the same time…it really could be that simple!

I don’t know about you, but I think that is one of the most positive thoughts….because it is so simple, anyone could do that everyday. We still need quality food and clean water, but WOW! What if being healthy and living a long active life is just THAT simple? I wouldn’t mind being out of a job if it meant the world was a healthier, happier place, because that is a world I would love to live in!

Have a healthy day…..get out for a walk!


I love tennis, and right now the US Open is in full swing! I will log many hours by my television with my laptop or a book in hand while tennis is on, I just can’t seem to get enough of the athleticism and finesse these athletes exude.

This year’s tennis tournaments seem to be plagued by their own sports scandal, but it has nothing to do with steroids or gambling. This plague is a simple but deadly demon: over training injuries. Consider this: the tennis season begins in January and runs through September. There are four major events, but many, many additional tournaments all year long to help player ranking as well as income levels.

The US Open Series runs almost CONTINUALLY from July 17Th until September 9Th, with some tournament actually overlapping start and end dates. Now, if you are one of the players on tour you are playing, with very little recovery time, continuously throughout the ENTIRE season….so it is no wonder the athletes are plagued with injury.

The sport of tennis has constant repetitive motion, on various hard, soft or slick surfaces, and the matches last from 90 minutes up till 4 hours or longer, mostly in the heat and humidity of the summer sun.

Some of the top names, if not most, are suffering from chronic stress related injuries, and one top ranked player, Kim Clijsters, has retired because of the exhaustive schedule.

So what is my point to all this? It is a perfect example of what over training or singular (one method) training can do to the human body. So why are you still taking the SAME spinning class you have for the past 3 years???? Your body has to be wearing down physically after so much repetition, not to mention that your body has mastered that motion and does not burn as much fat as it used to. Cross training, in every area of your fitness routine, is crucial. So get out there, try new classes, use new equipment, find out what those huge beach balls and half balls are in the anyway…then use them a few times. (BTW, the half ball is a BOSU and one of my favorite pieces of equipment)

You may be both surprised and relieved by the results. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

Have a healthy day!

I don’t normally blog about spiritual subjects, but today I am.

Click this link

Dax Moy, a personal trainer in the UK, sent me this link a few months ago and I just played it again.

It is quite possibly the most beautiful message I have read in my entire life, and that is not an exaggeration.

See for yourself.

You may just want to share this message with others too, as I am now. And while you are at it, send them a link to, and share the gift of fitness inspiration!

Have a healthy day

Let’s K-I-S-S

Keep It Simple Silly. I love when I can share the easiest and most practical information with you, because let’s face it: if it gets complicated we may not take the time to do it.

So today’s info is the best nutritional advice I have heard in a long time.

There has been so much debate and advertising lately that carbs are bad for you, and should be avoided. I have heard them all too, but today I was reading an interview with Dr. Chris Mohr, PhD, and I loved what he had to say: EAT MORE FIBER!

Talk about keeping it simple!

Think about it, the carbs that are good for us contain more fiber: veggies, fruit, and whole grains. Refined carbs have less fiber (or none at all) and those are the carbs you want to limit your intake of.

So make sure you are eating vegetables with every meal and you will have better results with your nutrition program.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, that is all I have to say for today!

So add more fiber and have a healthy day!