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I had to say goodbye on Friday to one of my best friends, my nine year old Boxer, Porter. He had been sick for the past month and the time had come not to let him suffer any further. So now I am suffering….it is amazing to me how much I am grieving the loss of my favorite dog. These amazing creatures never hold a conversation with you, but somehow they get right to your heart and soul and literally become one of your best friends.
Porter was a rescue dog, adopted from a local shelter, and I can not believe how lucky I was to have had him in my family.
Dogs add so much to your life: they can be an incredible workout partner, always ready for a run or a walk. Dogs can cheer you up when you are feeling down or lonely (how many times I went out on a bad date, just to come home and find my two boyfriends waiting at the door for me). Dogs can offer you safety by barking or growling when you need to be alerted.
But the most important thing a dog can give you is unconditional love. My dogs never cared if I left them for 2 minutes, 2 hours or 2 days, when I got home they were always there to greet me, wagging their tails waiting to say hi. And isn’t that what we all are searching for in this life: someone to love us unconditionally? Well it turns out to not be a myth after all….. 🙂
To my dog Porter: I love you, and Preston and I miss you. Thank you for being the world’s greatest dog. Thank you for being my dog….you were one of a kind.