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Continuing on my Fat Rant from last week, I saw something that I took as extremely funny.  I live and work in Philadelphia, a city famous for it’s cheese steaks, hoagies and soft pretzels.  My neighborhood is home spot of one of the most famous cheese steak vendors in the world, Pat’s Steaks.  Pat’s is open 24 hours a day selling steak sandwiches to tourists and locals.  More often than not, a long line forms outside the window, regardless of the weather.

 Well, last week I was driving past the store and I saw something that made me laugh.  Pat’s provides outdoor picnic tables for the customers: small, round, plastic picnic tables.  They seem sturdy enough to support the crowd all hours of the day and night, except on this day I watched someone take a dive!  Two gentlemen, of significant physical stature, sat at one of the tables, but when one man got up from the table the other man went down like a kid on a see-saw….splat!  If that is not a sign from the Universe screaming: Stop Eating the Fattening Foods, I don’t know what sign you are waiting for.  Lightening perhaps?  Seriously, this establishment specializes in foods that are dense with calories and someone tipped the tables???!!!!

Now, by no means am I suggesting not ever enjoying a cheese steak, they are a tradition here in Philly, but use common sense and practice moderation.  A cheese steak once a month may be OK, but if you are ‘tipping the tables’ you may want to consider only indulging once a season.

Take responsibility for you!  Be the change you want to see in the world, see the change you want to be.  The world will thank you for it.

Have a healthy day!


In an effort to have a relevant and informative blog, I have been checking out some of the “top blogs” on my new server to see what other people are reading.  Out of the top 100 blogs I encountered only one blog that had anything to do with health, fitness, diet and exercise.  And it appears to be an extremely popular blog, but not a very positive one. 

To make a long story short, the blog was about how diets and weight loss surgery do not work.  It stated all of the facts that the author gathered, and supported her claims in a very, very, very long winded speech.  Then her readers commented, by the dozens, that nothing out there works and they are in pain, miserable and suffering.  All of them.  I added my comment that while diet alone does not work for everyone, a healthy eating plan and exercise, blah blah,… get the point, right?  My normal stuff. Well, let me tell you, I got attacked by these readers.  I got attacked for being positive, spreading healthy messages and hints on how to live a healthier life style.

One of the comments went so far as to say What The F-CK to one of my “craving busters”.  And quite frankly I have to say honestly, if that is your attitude about living a healthy lifestyle then you are going to be fat and miserable forever. And I am NOT sorry for telling them they are going to stay fat, miserable and unhappy. Period.  This blog does nothing but enable the readers to remain stuck in their current pattern of behavior, and then gives them strength in numbers.

But here is the truth: we are in an obesity epidemic.  Meaning, we are so fat it is killing us.  We as a society are so fat it is straining our health care system to the point of collapse.  If you are obese and not taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle everyday, then you are part of the problem.  I AM NOT!  I AM PART OF THE SOLUTION!

So if you want to continue to sit on your big, fat, unhealthy butts and criticise people like me who want nothing more than to empower you then it is your own damn fault. 

Oh, by the way, it is also your fault your family, children and friends are fat.  So sit on your reinforced lazy boy and steam about that one for a while….then go take a good look in the mirror and stop blaming everyone else for YOU!  There is freedom available there, and yes, with freedom comes the responsibility to eat healthy and accept the consequences when YOU do not.  No one is forcing that fried chicken down your throat, only you are.

Have a healthy day.

Get it out ladies, put it all out there on the floor.  Has your boyfriend been caught in a lie?  Has your husband forgotten your wedding anniversary, or bought you a gift that he would like, but you despise?

Well “We’re Not Gonna Take It” we are gonna Kick His ASS! 

Before you get arrested for assault and battery, let’s do it in a productive way…I am gonna grab my boxing gloves and head to the gym. I am gonna put on my gloves and let loose on the punching bag as if it were every past boyfriend or husband who lied, cheated or forgot what an amazing woman I am…..what an amazing woman you are! YEAH!  We are going to take every last ounce of our frustrations out on that punching bag and refuse, REFUSE to allow another person to use us as their personal punching bags!

With every hit and kick landed remember how powerful you are, how amazing you are, remember that if this one couldn’t see it there are four more who will and who are ready to show you how a woman should be treated!

Wow!  Don’t you feel better already?  And you haven’t even gotten to the gym yet.  Well grab your sneakers and go, you will feel better and burn stress and calories at the same time! 

Have a healthy and kick butt day!

PS: No boyfriends or husbands were injured during the creation of this blog….and they should be grateful for kickboxing classes!