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Halloween is in two days, and if you are in the holiday spirit you may have been stocking up on sweet and gooey treats for the kids.  But if you keep taking a treat here and there the number on the scale will be scarier than any Slasher Film out there. 

So how can you arm yourself against the temptations?  Here are a few hints:

1. Outta site, outta mind!  Put the candy away.  If you can’t see it you will not have subconscious urges to eat it.

2. Patience is a virtue: if you believe you need to have a piece of candy now, wait another 15 minutes and see if the craving passes.  If not, try number 3.

3. Take a walk: go for a brisk 10 minute walk, do some jumping jacks or run up and down your stairs a few times.  Increasing blood flow to the muscles decreases the appetite.   

4. Keep it special:  grabbing a bite here and there adds up.  If you don’t believe me start to write it down every time you have a treat or two…it’s no trick, those are real calories.  So if you must indulge, save it for a special time of the day, take out only the portion you want to eat (put the rest away) and sit down to enjoy a satisfying snack.  Make sure you chew it slowly to savor your favorite treat, do some extra cardio or intervals to balance out the calories.  Remember, it is not one snack that makes you gain weight. 

As always, have fun with your nutrition.  90% should be healthy, quality food and 10% can be fun!  Not 20 or 30%, 10%!

Have a healthy day


My younger sister’s wedding is next month, and yes, we are wearing strapless dresses for all the world to see our arms. So what is a girl to do when she is faced with an impending deadline and a lifetime of pictures to look back on? BODY BLADE!

The Body Blade is a funny looking piece of equipment. See for yourself here:

I often take my clients out to local parks to work out, and whenever we use the Body Blade it draws in some attention. To many people it looks as though we are preparing to sword fight and are swinging our way into battle, I have even heard comments like: “those look dangerous.” Whatever onlookers are thinking as they watch our sessions, one thing is for certain, the Body Blade produces RESULTS…especially to the arms, shoulders and core.

I train men and women, but the majority of my one on one clientele are women 40 and over, and they all have a similar, chronic complaint: the jiggle on the back of their upper arms. I have been training women for years using many different types of exercise routines, and I have to admit the Body Blade targets the upper body and core and produces fast results. And no, I am not being paid for this endorsement, I just enjoy this product and so do my clients.

The Body Blade is easy to use and most people report it is fun too, and I have to agree. With one simple piece of equipment I can train a client’s entire upper body. Throw in some squats, lunges, step ups and intervals and we have a complete training program with one piece of equipment. Now I really do sound like an advertisement.

Remember, it is important to vary your workouts, no one resistance training routine will solve all of your fitness needs, but this product is a simple, efficient and inexpensive piece of the puzzle. I hope you enjoy using it.

Have a healthy day!