Tying into my blog from Wednesday: “Your Big Butt Is Not My Problem” I wanted to share with you an amazing story written by one of my peers in the fitness industry, Dax Moy.  Dax lives and works in England, and I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at a conference on this side of the pond.  Dax is so dedicated to his career he flew to the United States to attend a conference, I knew I was in amazing company when I saw that level of commitment.

 Dax recently published an article he wrote and the timing was incredible.   So before you click on the link ask yourself:

What is holding you back?


Have a healthy day!


It really isn’t my problem, so stop all the whining, blaming, and excuses you continue to dump on me about your dump truck! They will do nothing for you but kept your butt as big as it is!  Seriously!

I am a positive person, really I am.  I am definitely someone who can find the silver lining on a rainy day…sit next to me for a while and you will see for yourself.  Have I always been this way? Hell NO! But at some point in my life I got tired of hearing myself complain about my body and I GOT INTO ACTION!  Why? Because what I wanted in my life was not what I had.  So, I could have continued to do exactly what I was doing, and I would have continued to get exactly what I got.  Or, I could stop convincing myself that I was helpless to change the outcome of my life, and stop making excuses why I was right that I was helpless and finally….FINALLY BE HAPPY WITH MY CHOICES!

Now, it is not easy to look at your life- HONESTLY look at your life.  It takes courage, strength and fortitude to be honest with yourself and see that you are the only one to hold accountable for where you are.  I still do this all the time: if something in my life is not working out the way I want it to I have to look in the mirror for the person responsible.  Don’t you want to be known as someone who is COURAGEOUS, STRONG AND DETERMINED?  Do you believe Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi or Nelson Mandela listened to their own excuses or the excuses of any one around them?  There was an easier life for them to choose, but they knew what they wanted and were willing to hear a million “No’s” before they achieved their goals.   

And you want to do what? Lose weight? Eat pizza, donuts and beer and blame me when you don’t lose weight? It may look minuscule now in comparison to what another human being is taking on their life.

Look at your entire life, not just your health and fitness, but ANY area where you are not 100% happy and fulfilled. Are you doing the same thing there?  Are you making up reasons, really good reasons why you CAN”T have what you want and why you are RIGHT that you can’t have what you want?  You are the only person who tells yourself that…truly.  You are the only person who will stop yourself from getting anything you want out of life. 

GO GET WHAT YOU WANT!  You will see that your big fat butt is not my problem, but I am a key to the door of your solution.

If you want more assistance with this, log onto www.landmarkeducation.com and check out the online Introduction To the Landmark Forum, then register into the Landmark Forum if you see how it could make a difference in your life. In 3 days and one evening you will see that you are the only one holding yourself back.  I took it over a year ago and it continues to be the catalyst for my amazing life!

Let me know if you register or if you have any questions.  I am happy to help you get your butt in action 🙂

Have a healthy day!

Recently the British Government published a report stating “Obesity does not result simply from overeating and a lack of exercise, but is a consequence of modern life.”

A consequence of modern life? I have to disagree!

Read the full article here: (thank you Ryan Lee for the info)


I personally disagree with the article, which in some ways allows us to be more accepting of the obesity related health crisis because it ‘isn’t our fault.’  Curvy Girl Fitness is founded in the belief that beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes, but NOT to the detriment of your health!  The research should indicate it is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER to have personal responsibility for your health AND the health of those around you. 

 You are modeling the behaviors your family, friends and associates see.  So sure, if you are eating a donut and soda for breakfast that will ENABLE others around you (including your children) to do the same.  But if each and every one of us take on that it is our personal responsibility to set the standard, raise the bar so to speak, on our health and nutrition then others will take it on as well.

Think of this: who do you influence in your life? How can you taking on your own lifestyle HELP people you care about?  Help the people you love to live a healthier life!  Be the solution you wish to find in others and remember, children learn what they see, and we are all children at heart! Start to be a catalyst for healthy eating, regular exercise or even going out dancing regularly!  Anything you do to improve your health and fitness levels will add to all of those around you, and isn’t that an amazing reason to take better care of yourself?

Who deserves the best? You do!  So take it on, your loved ones will thank you!

Have a healthy day!

Curvy Girl Fitness is the New Shape Of Sexy! 

Bold of me, eh?  But it is true!  Sex appeal and feeling desirable all comes from the inside.  Haven’t you ever put on a fabulous outfit or gotten your hair done and felt amazing, attractive and sexy, but within 24 hours you, (yes the SAME you) felt fat or mousy?  How is this possible?  It is what you are telling yourself that gives you that experience of whether you are desirable or not.

How does Curvy Girl Fitness make a difference? I’m glad you asked! The New Shape Of Sexy goes into full swing by offering proven, effective, time efficient workouts to enhance your body’s shape, helping you feel even more powerful in the skin you are in!  Curvy Girl Fitness and Build a Better Body Bootcamp are designed to accentuate and tone your body from head to toe.  Basing the workout around your posture and core, you will begin to stand taller, appear slimmer, feel more confident in just a few workouts.  The same for men too!  We can all benefit from stronger postural and core muscles!  There is no need to count them out from looking and feeling great too!

So keep reading and tuning in for more great ideas and tips on how to look and feel amazing!  Join the New Shape Of Sexy Team and subscribe to the blog.  You will be glad you did!

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I am not the size of my thighs! Nor am I the color of my hair, the car I drive, or the label I wear. So why do we, as women, equate our worth to the size dress we put on?  I will admit it openly that I feel better when my pants are an eight as opposed to a twelve, but why?  I am so much more than the sum total of the tags in my wardrobe.  I have allowed others to define what beauty is, choosing to accept their definition, but no longer! 

We are all so much more than the expectations of the fashion, entertainment, and fitness industries.  These corporate creatures have lead us to believe in a specific stigma of beauty, which now is disappearing as the dinosaurs of our past…or so I hope.   

I may be writing myself right out of a career, but I feel it is necessary to share my observations of what many women express to me.  As a personal fitness trainer, women often ask my for assistance with their so called “problem areas”.   They point to their abs, grab at their thighs, slap at the underside of their arms, all the while using derogatory remarks about their own bodies, as if separate from the soul.  They are seeking to diet and exercise their way to a more perfect body, never seeing how perfect they already are. 

For today (and everyday is today in the moment), let us look at ourselves and see what is RIGHT about us.  Choose to never forget the beauty already inside of each one of us!  Because you are not the size of your thighs either!

Have a healthy day!