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Continuing on my Fat Rant from last week, I saw something that I took as extremely funny.  I live and work in Philadelphia, a city famous for it’s cheese steaks, hoagies and soft pretzels.  My neighborhood is home spot of one of the most famous cheese steak vendors in the world, Pat’s Steaks.  Pat’s is open 24 hours a day selling steak sandwiches to tourists and locals.  More often than not, a long line forms outside the window, regardless of the weather.

 Well, last week I was driving past the store and I saw something that made me laugh.  Pat’s provides outdoor picnic tables for the customers: small, round, plastic picnic tables.  They seem sturdy enough to support the crowd all hours of the day and night, except on this day I watched someone take a dive!  Two gentlemen, of significant physical stature, sat at one of the tables, but when one man got up from the table the other man went down like a kid on a see-saw….splat!  If that is not a sign from the Universe screaming: Stop Eating the Fattening Foods, I don’t know what sign you are waiting for.  Lightening perhaps?  Seriously, this establishment specializes in foods that are dense with calories and someone tipped the tables???!!!!

Now, by no means am I suggesting not ever enjoying a cheese steak, they are a tradition here in Philly, but use common sense and practice moderation.  A cheese steak once a month may be OK, but if you are ‘tipping the tables’ you may want to consider only indulging once a season.

Take responsibility for you!  Be the change you want to see in the world, see the change you want to be.  The world will thank you for it.

Have a healthy day!