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Get it out ladies, put it all out there on the floor.  Has your boyfriend been caught in a lie?  Has your husband forgotten your wedding anniversary, or bought you a gift that he would like, but you despise?

Well “We’re Not Gonna Take It” we are gonna Kick His ASS! 

Before you get arrested for assault and battery, let’s do it in a productive way…I am gonna grab my boxing gloves and head to the gym. I am gonna put on my gloves and let loose on the punching bag as if it were every past boyfriend or husband who lied, cheated or forgot what an amazing woman I am…..what an amazing woman you are! YEAH!  We are going to take every last ounce of our frustrations out on that punching bag and refuse, REFUSE to allow another person to use us as their personal punching bags!

With every hit and kick landed remember how powerful you are, how amazing you are, remember that if this one couldn’t see it there are four more who will and who are ready to show you how a woman should be treated!

Wow!  Don’t you feel better already?  And you haven’t even gotten to the gym yet.  Well grab your sneakers and go, you will feel better and burn stress and calories at the same time! 

Have a healthy and kick butt day!

PS: No boyfriends or husbands were injured during the creation of this blog….and they should be grateful for kickboxing classes!