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If you are looking for a challenging, enthusiastic and dynamic 

trainer, Jo-Ellen is the ONE!  Each workout with Jo-Ellen is effective,

efficient and different.  I always look forward to my workouts with her and

see the results in how I look, feel and think about my body. 

Andrea, 60.


“Jo-Ellen’s way of thinking and working out is all about adaptation: 

mental, emotional and physical.  She doesn’t take no for an answer,

either for herself or her clients.  She finds a way around fatigue,

physical impairment, and whatever kind of blues you are feeling to make

you feel as though you have made progress every time you see her —

however modest.”    T J


I started training with Jo-Ellen a few months ago when I developed a stress fracture in my right foot, most likely as the result of running on a treadmill for an hour, about 3-4 times a week. I had been told that I couldn’t run for 4-8 weeks, and quite honestly, I was devastated – running had become a huge part of my workouts, and more generally, my life. Once I recovered from the initial shock, I slowly began to realize that I had been spending 2+ hours at the gym everyday, working out inefficiently and neglecting parts of my body that needed attention. I decided that I needed some help!

Meeting with Jo-Ellen for the first time, I was surprised to actually learn about how I could eventually improve my running, not replace it with another exercise, by realigning parts of my body that had fallen into specific patterns of movement and imbalance, which probably contributed to the stress fracture in the first place. Over the next two months, I learned about leg length and posture improvement, and I also learned how to properly strengthen muscles that I didn’t even know I had. I just started running again a few weeks ago, and I feel that my muscles are stronger and my form has improved. I know that this is in no small part due to my training sessions with Jo-Ellen over the last two months.

I am incredibly thankful to her for recognizing and validating how important running is in my life and for helping me come back to it with much more strength and knowledge. Her passion for working out is contagious and her ability to listen to what her client wants and needs is amazing. I would highly recommend Jo-Ellen to anybody looking for a trainer!